Eat/Sleep Cluster

Eating behaviour in teenagers

  • Teenagers are more likely to eat with friends or eat socially outside of the family home. Teenagers should be encouraged to make pre-planned meals and snacks at home that are varied and healthy when possible. 
  • Teenagers are more likely to skip breakfast in the morning as a result of tiredness. Encourage your child to eat a high protein breakfast before they leave the house. 
  • Encourage your child to drink more water, to take water with them when leaving the house, and to avoid sugary caffeinated drinks where possible. 
  • Teenagers are more likely to snack later at night as a result of going to sleep later. Encourage your child to select healthy snack options, such as popcorn, cereal or fruit, or set boundaries around snacking at night, or eating food in their bedroom.  
  • See the resource panel for more ideas on promoting healthy eating in teenagers.

Healthy Eating for Teens


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