Neuropsychological Cluster

Language skills

Talk, talk, talk to your child!

Describe and explain daily activities that you do with your child; ask him or her simple questions to engage with your child; give him or her the names of objects you use. All of this will help your child to make sense of the world as he or she grows.

Point and use gestures as you talk to your young child. Name and explain things that your child points to.

Sing! Sing children’s songs, grown-up songs, made-up songs!

Read, read, read to your child!

It’s never too soon to start! A few minutes each night with your infant, gradually increasing the amount of time spent reading as your child grows.

Read instructions aloud with your child. When you’re making a cake from a mix, for example, or putting something together that you’ve brought home from the store, point out the words and pictures on the box and point to the ingredients or parts. Talk about how they go together and what they will make.

Go to the library. Take your child to ‘Story Time’ to enjoy reading with other children and parents.

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